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Site Valet is WebÞing's flagship Enterprise-level product for Accessibility and Quality Assurance in Web technologies. Site Valet is based firmly on the Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines of the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) and other relevant bodies.

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Web Technology may have improved since the dot-com boom, but is still a frontier-area! Many companies selling software for Web publishing work to their own agenda, and fail badly on even the most basic test of interoperability, simple HTML Validation, on their own websites. Some even abuse terms like "Quality". Fortunately we're not all cowboys!

Site Valet and WebThing's wide range of Quality Assurance Tools have set the standard to aspire to. Very impressive work, from a very impressive company. - Terje Bless, principal developer of the W3C Validator.

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Standards Compliance and Interoperability
Site Valet serves to ensure your systems conform with the open published standards of the W3C. This in turn ensures they remain interoperable with a wide range of software from different vendors, so you cannot be locked in to proprietary systems without your knowledge.
Site Valet offers comprehensive accessibility analysis and an accessibility audit trail for your documents. This helps ensure you meet your obligations under disability discrimination legislation, and are not faced with the choice between an extensive reengineering job and a losing lawsuit when faced with a well-qualified but disabled employee or job applicant.
Links are a perennial problem, since a page author or maintainer in general may have no control or even knowledge of changes to pages linked. Site Valet alerts you to changes in your links, and offers an instant overview of pages affected.
Company standards and Metadata
Metadata are used by automatic agents such as content management and publishing systems and search engines. Site Valet indexes your metadata, and includes provision for enforcement of company standards and policies such as maintenance schedules.

Site Valet 2.0

Site Valet 2.0 replaces earlier Site Valet Intranet and Enterprise Editions. Though basically similar, it has been rewritten in C++ with a number of fundamental changes, including builtin multi-database support, and a new Client application. Further features include integration of the accessibility audit trail and new tools, and enhanced XML support. Most fundamentally of all, it is now available as an off-the-shelf product: although customisation and support are of course still available, they are no longer a requirement.


The core of Site Valet is a database and spider, together with a set of programs to perform markup analysis under the supervision of a master daemon process valetd.

This is complemented by a GUI Client application for users and administrators, and by optional Web Components that enable client access via a web browser.

For information, please see the Manual and the Brochure (pdf)