MIME Types

MIME Types Configuration

[screenshot: MIME Types Editor]

The MIME Types Configuration Window enables you to specify what MIME types will be processed as markup. All documents of types listed here will be fetched, and processed according to the selected processing mode.

Processing Modes

Site Valet currently defines four processing modes for markup: HTML, XHTML, XML and SGML. All markup types are validated, while HTML and XHTML documents are further analysed for Accessibility, Links and Metadata. Note that HTML mode supports XHTML 1.0 Appendix C, so it is safe to treat XHTML 1.0 documents as either HTML or XHTML.

Processing Modes Summary

Feature support by Processing Mode
HTTP CheckYesYesYesYesYes
SGML/HTML supportYesNoYesNoNo
XML DTD supportYesYesYesYesNo
XML Schema supportNoYesNoYesNo
XML Namespace supportNoYesNoYesNo
Link SpideringYesYesNoNoNo
Metadata AnalysisYesYesNoNoNo
Accessibility AnalysisYesYesNoNoNo

Predefined Modes

The text/html and application/xhtml+xml MIME types are predefined and fixed, to ensure you do not accidentally disable HTML support!

MIME Types Editor

The Editor Window displays a list of the MIME types currently defined as markup, together with an editor form.

Enabling support for a type

To enable support for a type, enter the MIME type in the text box, and choose the required processing mode from the menu. Now click the Add button, and the new entry will be added to the current list.

Disabling support for a type

To disable support for a type, select it in the current list. It will now be shown in the editor form. Click the Delete button to disable it.

Changing support for a type

To change support for a type, select it in the current list. It will now be shown in the editor form. You can now make your changes, and when you click the Add button, the selected entry will be replaced by your updated entry.

Save and Quit

A Save button is provided to save your edits. If you try to Quit this editor window while you have unsaved edits, you will be prompted to confirm exit. Confirmation options are Save and Exit, Exit without saving, or Cancel.