About Site Valet

About Site Valet 2.0

Site Valet 2.0 is Copyright © WebThing Ltd, 2000-2003

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/) and other third-parties.


Site Valet is developed by WebThing Ltd from new and existing software and third-party components.


All Site Valet Components are developed by WebÞing.
Valet Client
The Valet Client is a desktop GUI application, and serves both for users and routine system administration.
Valet Daemon
The master program controlling the agents comprising the spider and analysis components.
The agents undertake the work of spidering the sites monitored and analysing pages, under the supervision of valetd.
$VALET_BASE/sbin/* (except valetd)
These agents undertake periodic tasks similar to the Agents, but at a lower frequency (e.g. daily) and not under the supervision of valetd.
Web Components
The (optional) Web Components are customised extensions to the Apache Webserver. They serve to duplicate the functions of the Valet Client in a Web Browser, and to publish reports online.

Libraries and Drivers

The Site Valet Libraries and drivers are located in directory $VALET_BASE/lib, except for Standard Libraries which are assumed to be available on the target system prior to installation.

WebThing Libraries

  • libvalet.so - General library of common code for Valet Daemon and Agents
  • libvalet-db.so - The Site Valet abstract database client interface class.
  • libhtnorm.so - Accessibility Analysis library (originally developed for AccessValet).

Customised Third-Party Libraries

  • libapr.so - portion of the Apache Portable Runtime. You can in principle substitute the full APR, but this introduces further dependencies.
  • libosp.so - OpenSP library for parsing markup, especially SGML and HTML. You may be able to use the original, but a lot of distributed versions will not work with Valet, and our parser error messages are customised for Valet.

Standard Third-Party Libraries

These are assumed to be available on your system before installing Valet.
  • Xerces-C 2.2 (from xml.apache.org )
  • Gnome XML libraries: libxml2 and libxslt ( from xmlsoft.org )
  • GTK 1.2 libraries: libgtk, libgdk, libgmodule, libglib
  • Standard system C, C++ and X11 and pthreads libraries
  • Database Client library - see below
You will also need a supported database: the options are currently MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Database Drivers

The database drivers are not linked into the executables, but the appropriate driver is loaded at runtime. That means you only need the database you are actually using to be installed.
  • MySQL.so - driver for MySQL implementation. Requires MySQL Client Library libmysqlclient.so
  • PgSQL.so - driver for PostgreSQL implementation. Requires PostgreSQL Client Library libpq.so

Development Environment

Site Valet is developed using the GNU development tools and libraries under Linux and FreeBSD.

The Client is developed using Glade and the GTK toolkit and associated components.

The Web Components are developed for and with Apache 2.0 webserver.

The development has mostly used MySQL, but WebÞing's operational server uses PostgreSQL. This approach is designed to help avoid dependence on non-portable features.

Documentation is written to a custom XML template, and processed to HTML by Xalan.