Browse Window

The Browse Window shows all available information about a single URL: HTTP headers, page title and metadata, validity, accessibility information and audit trail, and incoming and outgoing links.

[screenshot: Browse window (collapsed)]

Since this can be a large volume of information, when a browse window is opened most of the data are hidden. Five toggle buttons are provided to control the display or hiding of this information.

The first screenshot shows a browse window opened at minimum display, with all switchable information hidden. The second screenshot (below) shows everything displayed: with five optional displays all enabled, the window is crowded and the displays are small. For practical use, the browse window works best with one or two options displayed, so they can be given a greater amount of display space.

Summary Information

Summary Information for the current URL is always displayed at the top of the browse window. This comprises the URL, page title, validity, and a one-word summary of available accessibility information. Also shown are the dates the spider most recently visited the page: Head Check shows when the HTTP information was checked, while Full Check shows when the page was fetched for full analysis.


  1. When a URL is not one of the configured MIMETypes only the HTTP information is meaningful and it will not be fetched for analysis. Other fields are shown as n/a (Not Applicable), and only the HTTP Headers and Links To Page displays are useful.
  2. When the spider finds a page to be unchanged since its previous visit, it is not reprocessed. In such cases the Full Check field is updated by default, despite no actual processing taking place.

Full Information

Full information on several aspects of a page is toggled on/off by the checkboxes in the area labelled Show Full Reports.

HTTP Headers

This lists all HTTP Headers for the URL.


This shows page metadata. This currently applies only to HTML and XHTML pages.


This shows the accessibility audit trail. This currently applies only to HTML and XHTML pages.

Links To Page

This lists pages having links to the URL.

Links From Page

This lists pages linked from the URL. This currently applies only to HTML and XHTML pages.

Expanded screenshot

[screenshot: Browse window (expanded)]