Control Window

Control Window

[screenshot: Control window]

The Control Window shows the current status of the Valet daemon valetd and any Agents currently running under its control. It also allows you to send control signals to valetd or the agents.

The Process List

If available, this lists currently running Valet daemon processes with their current status. A Refresh button is available to update the display.

Control Operations

The control operations provided are:
  • Start the process.
  • Stop the process. This executes an orderly sutdown, which may take some time as network accesses are closed and buffered information flushed to the database.
  • Config - sends a HUP causing the process to reload its configuration.
  • Flush - signals a process to flush buffered results to the database.
  • Refresh - causes process to reinitialise its database connection, flushing and then reading any new data.
  • Suspend - suspends the process as-is
  • Resume - resumes the process after a suspend
When any of these signals is sent to valetd, it is propagated to all agents under its supervision. However, with the exception of suspend and resume, these operations have no immediate observable effect!


This is not intended for use in an operational server. When valet is correctly configured, it will not normally work at all, as the system will protect valetd and the agents from control signals sent by the Client's UserID, even if they are running on the same machine as the Client.

Since the Agents are designed to be supervised by valetd, sending them signals directly may have unintended consequences.