Query Links

Links Query Window

The Links Query window enables you to query the database for links between both local and external documents. You can get a complete list, or limit it to links that should be checked - such as broken and redirected links, or those which have been recently updated.

[screenshot: Links Query]

The Query Form

At the top of the window is the links query form. This is more complex than the other Valet query windows, reflecting the fact that HTML links have an additional degree of freedom over URLs.


The Base field allows you to specify a base URL for a query. Only URLs that match the value of the base will be listed in the query results. For example, a value of http://www.example.com/abc/ will list only results under the path /abc/ at the domain www.example.com.


This field limits the number of query results returned. This can be used to work through results in manageable-sized chunks, as repeating the query will cycle through all results so long as the value of Base remains unchanged.


The Query button executes the current query and shows results in the display area below the query form.

Restrictions on Status

This enables you to select whether to display all links or restrict the selection to links whose HTTP status indicates errors or redirections.

Restrictions on Domain

This enables you to select whether to display all links or restrict the selection to internal or external links. Internal links are defined as those whose target is under Base.

Restrictions on Age

This enables you to restrict a query to links whose target has been modified since a selected date. To enable it, check the checkbox at the left of the line and set the cutoff date for your query. You can also check the second checkbox to include links for which no Last-Modified information is available.

The Query Results

The query results are listed below the query form. All link targets matching the query criteria are listed. The results fields are:

The link target
The HTTP status of the link. This is normally a three-digit code: 2xx indicates success, 3xx indicates a redirection, 4xx or 5xx indicate errors. For full details, please see the list of HTTP result codes.
Where Site Valet is forbidden by robots.txt from checking a URL, a substitute HTTP status value of 1 is shown.
The MIME Type of the link target
The time the link target was last modified.
The HTTP Vary header indicates a content-negotiated document. The URL may return different contents depending on any HTTP request headers listed here - for example, to select different languages according to a reader's preference.

Browsing the Results

Any row in the results list can be selected. When a row is selected, a list of all pages linking to it is displayed, so for example when a link is broken, you have a list of pages that need updating. If the URL is itself an HTML or XHTML page in any of the domains monitored, links from the page are also listed.

Reporting in detail

Finally, the Report button enables you to get a full report on the selected URL, by opening a browse window on it.