Valet Logs

Log viewer window

The Log Viewer serves to display and purge log messages from the Valet daemon and Agents.

[screenshot: Log viewer]

Note that the messages in the display were generated on the developer's laptop, on a 56Kb modem dialup!

Site Valet Logs

Site Valet 2.0 writes all log messages to the database, so the log window is in fact a query function. Messages are indexed by Agent name and Timestamp, and have an additional field for the level of each message.

Log message levels

Every log message has an associated level. Most messages are level 0 (debug) or 1 (general). Levels 2 and above are reserved for important system events. Critical system error messages are assigned negative log levels, and are always displayed in query results regardless of level selected.

Selecting level 0 displays all messages. Selecting level 1 suppresses level 0 messages but displays all others, while level 2 suppresses level 0 and 1 messages, etc.

Note that this is also controlled by the Log.level configuration parameter: if that is set above zero, then low-level messages will not be logged at all.

Query Form

The Query Form occupies the top part of the log window, and allows you to select the range of times (by timestamp), the minimum level of messages to display, and whether to show messages for all agents or for one selected agent. The Query button displays messages according to the current query.

The From and To timestamp fields can be populated by clicking on entries on the listing, which will load the timestamp of the entry selected.

Purge function

The purge function deletes messages according to the current query, except in that the effect of the level parameter is reversed so low-level messages are always purged. Recommended usage is to set the To date and delete all earlier messages.

Logs display

The log display shows the results from a Query form. Entries are selectable, and will set (alternately) the values of the two timestamp fields in the query form.