Query Metadata

Metadata Query Window

The Metadata Query window enables you to query the database for page metadata.

[screenshot: Metadata Query]

Scope and Definition

Site Valet explicitly indexes both META and LINK elements as page metadata. You can query either or both of them. Any number of metadata records can be held for a URL.


The Scheme property records the metadata scheme. Site Valet supports predefined and user-defined schemas, and uses pseudo-schemas to index particular cases as follows:

LINK elements
These are defined by the pseudo-schemes link:rel and link:rev. Note that this could lead to ambiguity in the unlikely event of these values being used in the scheme attribute of a META element.
META elements
Where a META element has a scheme attribute, this is indexed.
Where a META element has a http-equiv attribute, the pseudo-scheme http-equiv is used.
Where a META element has a name attribute with prefix DC., it is indexed under the Dublincore scheme.
Other site-specific predefined schemes may be available; for example the egif scheme serves a similar purpose to Dublincore in UK Government sites.
Where a META element meets none of the above criteria, it is indexed without a schema field.


The Name property indexes the name or http-equiv attribute of a META element, or the rel or rev attribute of a LINK element. Which of these usages applies is determined by the Scheme.


This lists the target of a LINK element, or the contents of a META attribute.

The Query Form

At the top of the window is the validity query form.


The Base field allows you to specify a base URL for a query. Only URLs that match the value of the base will be listed in the query results. For example, a value of http://www.example.com/abc/ will list only results under the path /abc/ at the domain www.example.com.


This field limits the number of query results returned. This can be used to work through results in manageable-sized chunks, as repeating the query will cycle through all results so long as the value of Base remains unchanged.

Restriction by Name

This comprises a checkbox and an entry field. If the box is checked, only metadata matching the name entered in the field will be listed.

Restriction by Scheme

This comprises a checkbox and an entry field. If the box is checked, only metadata matching the scheme entered in the field will be listed.

In addition to the entry field, a dropdown menu of predefined schemes and pseudo-schemes is provided, serving as a shortcut and to remind you what schemes are predefined in your installation.


The Query button executes the current query and shows results in the display area below the query form.

The Query Results

The query results lists metadata by URL, Scheme, Name and Value as discussed above. No further functions are provided.