Site Valet Users

NOTE - this page deals with setting up Valet users after the system is operational. It does not cover the unrelated subject of setting up the system user for the Valet system programs, which is part of the valet installation.

[Screenshot: Valet login]


Valet login establishes a connection to the valet database, while logout closes the connection. The database connection is established with the user id and password entered by the user in the login screen, and login is successful if and only if the connection is successfully established. A Valet user ID is therefore a user for the underlying database, and has the permissions of the database user.


System administrators may set up users with any privileges supported by the underlying database. Some general categories of user are:

Guest User

An anonymous unprivileged guest user account with read-only access to the database can be created, and may be useful if large numbers of people are to access Valet (e.g. through the WebComponents). A guest account will have SELECT privilege on all tables in the valet database, but no privilege to change anything.


Additional privileges required for a syetem administrator include:

Update domains

Updating domains requires INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE privileges on the DOMAINS table.

Update MIME Types

Updating MIMETypes requires INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE privileges on the TYPES table.

General Configuration

Updating general configuration requires UPDATE privilege on the CONFIG table.

Logs Maintenance

Maintaining the Valet logs requires DELETE privilege on the log table.

General User

Any user who is undertaking accessibility evaluation will need INSERT privilege in the ACCESSIBILITY table, and UPDATE privilege in the ACCESSIBILITY and HTMLDOCS tables. Since users are identified by username in the accessibility audit trail, such users should each have their own username.

Users may also be given limited administrative privileges, such as editing the domains monitored. However, this loses all accountability.