Query Validity

Validity Query Window

The Validity Query window enables you to query the database for validity of markup (HTML and XML), and to revalidate a page to list errors. [screenshot: Validity Query]

The Query Form

At the top of the window is the validity query form, comprising three fields and a Query button.


The Base field allows you to specify a base URL for a query. Only URLs that match the value of the base will be listed in the query results. For example, a value of http://www.example.com/abc/ will list only results under the path /abc/ at the domain www.example.com.


This field limits the number of query results returned. This can be used to work through results in manageable-sized chunks, as repeating the query will cycle through all results so long as the value of Base remains unchanged.

List all

If this option is checked, all pages under Base will be listed. Otherwise, only pages that failed validation are listed.


The Query button executes the current query and shows results in the display area below the query form.

The Query Results

The query results are shown as a simple list of URLs, showing which of them are valid or invalid.


The lower part of the Validity Query Window enables you to revalidate a URL, to get a detailed list of errors. This function re-fetches the document from the URL, so that when you fix a document it also confirms whether your fix is correct.

Selected Result

Any URL in the results list can be selected, and will then be displayed in the revalidation form, immediately below the results list.

Validation Results

The Revalidate button causes the selected result to be re-validated, and the results displayed in the validation display area. Validation messages are formatted to show the severity of each message, the line and column that gave rise to it, and the message itself.