Browser Support

AccessValet is a complex interactive application, requiring its own controls. At the same time, it must itself be accessible to users including those with unusual needs. The approach we have taken to reconciling these requirements is to offer a range of options, so you the user can select whatever meets your needs.

Most users should simply try different options, to see what suits you best. This page is for anyone who needs a different approach.

Visual/Presentational Features

Structural HTML presentation of reports is enhanced by CSS for visual browsers. Non-visual browsers will not get the benefit of this, and if you are a regular user you may wish to define your own user stylesheet to optimise report presentation for your situation. Similarly, colour-blind users may wish to substitute your own presentational attributes where we have used colour. Note that presentational information is duplicated wherever possible: for example, we use colour to highlight valid vs bad markup, but also use the HTML title attribute - which browsers typically render as tooltips.


The verbose report option is complete and self-contained and loses very little in a fast text-only presentation such as Lynx. The listed report options offer a rapid presentation of the results that may be preferred with slow presentations such as an aural browser.


As noted above, you may remap our use of colour. Alternatively the DOM Browser presentation places the least reliance on it. But please try all the options - no colour isn't a showstopper!

DOM Scripting Support

Some reports make use of clientside scripting. The DOM Browser options depend completely on it, while Listed options are usable but degraded without it. These options are fully accessible to users of MSIE 6, Mozilla/Gecko family browsers such as Mozilla, Netscape 6+ or Galeon, and Opera 7.

Motor-impaired users

There is nothing in AccessValet to impair navigation aids. Neither is there any specific provision for you that might interfere with your browser controls. If every input is an effort, the compact report format is the simplest, while the listed report options offer a quick overview.