Preparing a Level 2 Report


Firstly, you should ensure you have set your name and email address in the Valet Options. These are included in your Level 2 reports. You need only enter them once, as Valet will remember them (subject to browser support).

To prepare a Level 2 Report, you must first use AccessValet to generate a Level 1 Report. Enter the URL, select a Test Suite, and select Level 2 Report (brief or full as appropriate). AccessValet will display a Level 1 Report using the selected (Listed or interactive DOM) format.

Now you have a list of accessibility warnings. To generate the Level 2 report, you should review each warning and decide what to do about it. Note that there is no requirement to check the warnings, but the report will be marked as incomplete if you don't.

Checking the Warnings

  1. Scroll through the warnings, reviewing each in turn. If you selected a DOM Browser format, you will have to click on each warning to display details and make your report.

  2. Check the Warning. You will see a list of (one or more) nodes which generated the warning: clicking on any of these will highlight the node in the Document Tree. Browse the report to satisfy yourself about the status of the warning.

  3. Enter your decision concerning the warning, using the Status and Comment fields. Your options are:

    • Guideline Set Aside. You are recording an informed decision not to comply with the guideline. You may use the Comment field to explain your decision.
    • Action Required. The document should be repaired before it can be accepted. You can use the comment field to identify repair work.
    • Review Required. You cannot reach a final decision, perhaps because it depends on included content not available to you, or raises issues beyond the document itself.
    • Not Applicable. The guideline is not relevant to the page. You may use the Comment field to explain why.
    • Guideline Satisfied. The warning can safely be overridden. You may use the Comment field to explain why.
    • Not Checked. If any warnings are marked as Not Checked, the Level 2 report is marked as incomplete.

    You may also enter a comment, to explain your decision, or to document any action you have identified.

Publishing the Report

Once you have dealt with the warnings (and, for a Full report, guidelines), you can create the Level 2 report. It will be displayed or downloaded as normal in your browser, and you should use standard browser functions to export/save a report. The filename and path up to you: it is recommended that you save files to a suitable working directory, and use .html and .rdf extensions for HTML and EARL respectively.

You can of course save more than once, if you want both formats.

Finally, you should document your accessibility analysis in the HTML document analysed. We recommend a link in the HEAD section:

<link rel="accessibility" type="application/rdf+xml" href="report.rdf"/>

This will tell intelligent agents such as content management systems and search engines about your accessibility analysis.