Accessibility Valet Reporting

To look at AccessValet reporting, we have created a small sample page. The markup (which is valid HTML 4 Strict and can be found at is as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN">
<title>Sample page with accessibility issues</title>
<p><strong>Markup Issues</strong>
<p>The previous paragraph should be marked up as a header,
and is a violation of Guideline 3.5.
<p>This is an illustrative page created to illustrate
<a href="level2.html" onmouseover="">analysis and reporting</a>
in <a href="./" onclick="">Accessibility Valet</a>
and designed to generate a small but illustrative set of warnings.</p>

We will evaluate this to WCAG Level AAA, the most demanding standard supported.

Level 1 Report: Automatic Analysis

Screenshot: Level 1 report in DOM browser

You can enter the URL into the online demonstrator to get a Level 1 report in your choice of format. The image shows it in the AccessValet's internal DOM browser, which we will now use to generate a Level 2 report.

In the image, we have selected a warning about misuse of presentational markup for what should be a heading, and marked it as needing to be fixed. This warning applied only once in the document (and so lists only one node, which is highlighted in the document tree when we select it in the warnings list). Other warnings may apply to more nodes.

Note that because the parser normalises the markup, it has inserted the html, head and body nodes, which were omitted from the original.

Preparing a Level 2 Report

To prepare a Level 2 report, we need to go through the warnings and decide what to do about each one. The mechanics for doing this are:

  1. Click on a warning to select it and show details.

  2. Decide what to do about it. Your choices are:

    • Guideline Satisfied (no action required)
    • Not Applicable (no action required)
    • Guideline Set Aside (an informed choice not to comply)
    • Review Required (defer a decision)
    • Action Required (identify repair work)
  3. Use the Form at the bottom of the Valet window to enter your decision from the menu, together with a comment which may explain your decision or identify repair work. Don't forget to click OK to commit your decision! If you change your mind, you can select the warning again and repeat.

Now you can save the report. See below for specimen reports.

Full and Brief Report

Screenshot: Preparing a Full Report

In the above, we prepared a brief report. If we select a full report, we must consider the WCAG guidelines individually, alongside the Level 1 warnings. The presentation and process are essentially the same, except in that the guidelines do not reference nodes in the DOM browser. Guidelines that cannot be fully tested automatically in the Level 1 report are listed explicitly: in the case shown, we should be satisfied that any colours we set contrast sufficiently to satisfy the guideline.


The level 2 report for the specimen page is available here: