Report Options

Accessibility Valet offers an interactive native report presentation, or can generate a report and display it using your choice of web browser.

Level 1 (Developer) Reports

Level 1 reports are generated by an automatic analysis of your markup, and serve to draw your attention to possible violations of accessibility guidelines. These are highly detailed reports, including normalised markup, and cross-referencing accessibility warnings both to the exact point in the markup where there may be a problem and to the guidelines that are, or may be, violated.

Level 1 reports are designed to be viewed interactively, while you decide which warnings are important and make any necessary fixes to the document. If you wish to save a report, you can select an "external" report and use your browser's save option, or you can convert it to an Executive Summary and save it as a Level 2 report.

Level 2 (Executive Summary) Reports

Level 2 reports are designed for Management and QA processes. They can be saved as a permanent record, used as metadata for automatic agents such as search engines and QA systems, and can be made a project deliverable for project management or clients.

A Level 2 Report builds on a Level 1 Report. You will go through the warnings generated at Level 1, and decide on the importance of each warning and what to do with it. A Level 2 Report reaches a firm conclusion regarding the document: this may be that the document satisfies the guidelines, that you have made an informed choice not to comply, or that you have identified repairs to be undertaken.

Brief and Full Reports

There are two variants on the Level 2 Report. A Brief Report takes you through the warnings generated at Level 1, while a Full Report requires you also to check against any guideline that might not be fully covered by the automatic analysis.

Note that this distinction applies only to the WCAG. The automatic Level 1 analysis is considered to cover all Section508 checkpoints sufficiently, so it is irrelevant to repeat them.