Accessibility Test Suites

Accessibility Valet evaluates your documents compliance to published accessibility guidelines, delivering an overall result together with a list of warnings of possible violations of the guidelines.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

These are the guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the Worldwide Web Consortium. This represents the most widely-supported consensus of industry experts, disabled users, and other interested parties. The WCAG defines three levels of compliance:

  1. A - compliance at this, the most basic level, is straightforward and ensures that a site avoids the worst blunders.
  2. AA - the intermediate level of WCAG compliance extends the basic level. Among other things, level AA compliance requires you to avoid all bogus or deprecated markup, and hence helps to ensure good practice.
  3. AAA - the most stringent compliance level moves beyond mere avoidance of blunders, and encourages developers to be proactive in ensuring accessibility.

Accessibility Valet can check compliance against any level of the WCAG. We recommend that you make level AA compliance a requirement and level AAA compliance a goal.

US Government Section 508 Guidelines

Whereas most governments and many companies have adopted (or are adopting) the WCAG or guidelines closely based on it, the US goverment has developed an entirely separate set of guidelines commonly known as Section 508. These have the force of law in US Government sites. Accessibility Valet can check compliance with Section 508.