Proof-of-concept for a universal entity catalogue

Please see the RFC for discussion of this tool.

CatalogueManager automates management and updating of SGML and XML catalogues.

The program reads a datafile describing the entity catalogues and the public and system IDs of entries. It then fetches the DTDs, modules, etc from master locations such as W3C, Wapforum and Oasis-Open and writes the local catalogues. All DTDs/etc are queried, but only those that have been modified more recently than any existing local version are fetched.


The object of the project is to build a master catalogue that will be kept up-to-date, and can be referenced over the 'net. This page offers a proof-of-concept: download the source, and you can use the command
make catalogues
to install up-to-date entity catalogues in /usr/local/share/sgmlib. Since all the data for the update are read from the net, it will install/update everything supported by the master catalogue (currently HTML, XHTML, DocBook, MathML, SVG, SMIL, and the WapForum doctypes).

Caution! Running make catalogues uses WebÞing's defaults, which update /usr/local/share/sgmlib . If you want to install things elsewhere, or experiment with it, edit master.sgml to use your own paths!


Cataloguemanager is an SGML application, but will offer no difficulties to anyone familiar with XML (and you don't need either SGML or XML just to run the default update-everything). It requires OpenSP.

Proper documentation to follow.


Cataloguemanager is available for download under the GNU General Public License (GPL).