Report Formats

Reports are generated internally as XML, and processed using an XSLT filter from mod_xml for presentation in a browser. This enables us to offer several options:

Normalised Source

This presents your source, normalised by our parser, together with a validation result (Pass or Fail). Individual error messages are not shown.

Visual Validator

This shows normalised source and a validation result. Whenever an error is encountered in the source, a message will be displayed immediately before the markup in error.

This is broadly equivalent to Page Valet Version 3 (visval), and to the "Verbose" option in Accessibility Valet.


This shows a list of errors, followed by the raw markup (NOT normalised)! Clicking an error message will highlight the line in the source that generated the message.

This is similar to the W3C and WDG validators, and to Page Valet version 1.

Errors Only

This shows a list of errors, but no source. A compact format.

EARL (errors)

This generates a report in machine-readable EARL format, comprising the validation result together with a list of errors.

EARL (result only)

This generates an EARL report describing whether the page passes or fails validation, and including the number of errors found but omitting individual error messages.